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Whats going on in Bread 41

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What’s going on in Bread 41?

As history can attest, companies that strive exclusively for profit or equally those that infuse the workplace with purely alturistic ideals with no sustainable business modelling in place can sometimes come array. We at Bread 41 are betting on a different conceptualisation of what good business represents Рa model that ensures we strive to meet the highest standards of social, environmental and sustainability practices.We do strive for purpose but equally for profit in order to ensure this is a sustainable business model, but we also work hard to have a positive impact on our employees, our community and the environment at large.

We launched this part of our website to inform our community and beyond about what we are doing within Bread 41. Through this, we are opening up our company to public transparency and accountability, and communicating to all for the greater good. We are super proud of our team who show up every day to deliver an exceptional product experience which is then delivered through our front of house team, who strive to make everyone feel welcome. We publically welcome those who wish to journey with us as we strive to make a difference. Our team actively works to reduce inequality; helping those in need while creating a healthier environment and stronger communities. We are creating purposeful jobs and a sustainable profitable business that we know will grow to help us achieve our vision. We as a business are working to leverage our resources for a better existence for all, creating a definition of success that includes commonwealth and positive impact as necessary elements to drive sustainable consumerism. We are betting on a more inclusive business model, one that is inspiring our employees and customers to act and think differently. Every month we will be sharing our internal newsletter publically for those interested in observing our initiatives, progress and failures as we strive to make a meaningful difference while being open about our experience.