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Our Growth Plans

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We are super excited about our growth plans over the next numbers of years and our thoughts around sustainable growth and repurposing any potential store locations is part of our strategy.  We have a plan to open 3 more bakeries in the next 3-5 years concentrating at first in the local Dublin area. We will try not to build a new building unless left with no other option but to do so. The most responsible thing for us to do is to work with used buildings, constructions materials and furniture where possible.

The following are guidelines we will try to follow on any new location to ensure we optimize. Aesthetics, core function and our responsibility around our plans for sustainable future growth.

  • We will try and save old or historic buildings from being torn down and any structural changes should honour the historical integrity of the building. Our plan with our second bakery located in Greystones is to make the building structurally sound, strip away any fake elements that were introduced by previous tenants with the view of ending up with what we believe will be a building that will be appreciated by the local neighbourhood.
  • The aesthetic life expectancy of the building should be as long as the physical materials life span.
  • We will try to use recycled materials where possible.
  • We plan to ensure that anything built should be repairable and easily maintained.
  • We plan to ensure all buildings are energy optimized to ensure they are energy efficient with the latest baking equipment installed to minimise their energy consumption.
  • Striving towards zero waste is a key goal, we plan to minimize food waste and decompost any food waste that is created.
  • We plan to ensure that any renovation should be constructed to last as long as possible even this includes a higher outlay in the first place.
  • Each bakery we do should be unique. The history of each area should be reflected and honoured as much as possible.
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