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One of our core values is to care about sustainability. It is at the beating heart of everything we do. Our ‘Move to Zero’ encompasses our mission to become not just a fully zero waste business, but for each element of what we do to be as sustainable as possible. This means prioritising the planet and future of our own beloved community and beyond. It means eradicating compostable cups and avoiding contributing to the millions still going to landfill every year. It means monitoring and holding ourselves accountable for a waste and implementing initiatives like our new biodigester to reduce it. It means looking at several things including our energy and our carbon footprint, installing solar and making sure as we build our second location in Greystones it is as future proofed as possible. We want everyone to join us on our journey and sustainable projects, such as our bartering system where our lovely customers bring home-grown produce in exchange for their favourite pastries and bread. Sustainability about more than the environment, it is communities, workers, customers. It means paying living wage, supporting paid volunteering, giving back, creating policies that establish our company as one that values diversity and inclusion. It means being a part of revitalising the planet, our industry, and our global future, because the cost of inaction is far too great.