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Newstalk Bobby Kerr Interview

Newstalk Bobby Kerr Bread 41

Newstalk Bobby Kerr and Eoin Cluskey Bread 41


Real bread, in its purest form, is bread made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additive. Real Bread is simply flour, water, salt and fermentation. The opportunity as we see it is great, all it takes is courage, imagination … and a little dough
Eoin Cluskey

Bread41 began wholesaling breads in May 2018 to some of Ireland’s leading independent cafes offering organic breads which are entirely hand crafted, baked daily at sunrise with organic flour sourced from an organic grain mill.


Bread41 is an Organic bakery located in Dublin 2. Our bakery specialises in long fermented breads, which are made using traditional methods and just a few simple ingredients; flour, salt and water. All our breads are hand made over two days using organic flour and other wholesome ingredients including nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruit. We will supply like minded retailers, restaurants, hotels and cafés with bread and fresh pastries daily.

In September 2018 we are launching our very own bakery/eatery Bread41 located next to our wholesale bakery on Pearse Street in Dublin 2, where customers can buy our breads, pastries and taste amazing food and we are very excited about this opportunity, given our teams acumen for putting together incredible yet simple dishes. Everyday our kitchen will be serving up fresh lunch and breakfast options using local and seasonal ingredients. Similar to our routes in Bread41 we will be focusing on fermented foods, making our own butters, jams and sourcing local organic produce where we can to support local farmers and suppliers.


Our Mission is to “deliver amazing baked goods, drive exceptional service and create friendships through our customer base and nourish individuals, businesses, and communities through the practice of using the finest ingredients to make great food.”


  • To care for each other and our customers
  • To care for everything we make and be creative
  • To care for the community
  • To care for our suppliers
  • To care about sustainability

Everything we bake, make or sell embodies our passion for artisan methods, organic local products where possible, and delicious food. Our breads are hand-crafted, baked daily in the early hours of the morning and we use organic flours. Our bakery is home to a small team of very committed people.

With a strong desire to involve our surrounding community, we look forward to working with the local neighbourhood. It is going to be an ongoing process and we hope to work on with local schools, community and projects.


Bread41 as a company also believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At Bread41, we work to improve lives, inside and outside the confines of our bakery. We believe that by extending our hospitality to our communities, we will strengthen our own culture and business. As part of our CSR we also believe in doing the best for the local community – in terms of engaging with local people as well as doing the best for the environment and job opportunities in inner city Dublin.

Bread41 recognises CSR as a vital part of our activity and is therefore committed to a course of social responsibility for the sustainable development of our business and community. The bakery promotes initiatives which support and encourage staff to achieve a reasonable work/life balance. As a company we strive to keep our family values, motivate, empower and inspire our people, rewarding honest endeavours.

We are committed to

  • To being a positive contributor to the environment
  • To undertake community initiatives which improve the communities we work in
  • To set and achieve recycling targets
  • To improve energy efficiency
  • To determine and implement effective carbon reduction strategies and using energy efficient equipment and practices

Bread41 recognises the importance of our environment and strives to reduce wastage and our carbon footprint through a variety of measures.Within the bakery, we have a waste reduction programme which involves recycling all possible office materials (paper, plastic, printer cartridges). We seek to reduce our carbon footprint and road miles where possible using bicycle delivery across Dublin City Center. Furthermore, we are a renewable energy site and we have installed high performance low energy ovens which further reduce energy consumption.

Bread41 and its employees work hard to deliver the best service to the community whilst practicing environmentally friendly procedures. We are setting up a “Love Bread” education programme which works to teach people about the nutritional values of Real Bread, its cultural history and ingredients. We plan to work closely with the Capuchin Day Centre to ensure that bread is available where we have an oversupply so that there is no waste. We wish to ensure that surplus food can be used to create nutritious meals for the homeless.


Hiring the right people, training them for excellence, and giving them room to grow is what sets us apart. We take care of our team through competitive compensation and a mindful approach to the challenges that the hospitality business and its employees face daily. We also live by a set of values determined collectively, which are important to us all.

Eoin Cluskey : Head Baker & Owner

Eoin Cluskey has extensive experience in the food industry, having travelled the world he has learnt a lot about cultures, lifestyles and importantly food. Upon returning to Ireland he spent 6 months studying cookery at the Ballymaloe Cookery school where he learnt everything about FOOD, with a real focus on “ How it’s grown ” and  “How to treat ingredients with RESPECT ”.  During his time spent in Ballymaloe, he began to focus his culinary insights into developing and concentrating on making REAL BREAD. He was involved in the setup of the ‘Firehouse Bakery’ in Delgany and became their head baker before he got involved in the setup of Bread41.